Grant supports Hellenic studies pilot program at UCLA, Simon Fraser University

Published: September 15, 2022
Images of the campuses of Simon Fraser University (left) and UCLA (right)

UCLA Humanities | September 15, 2022

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation has awarded more than $1.2 million to the UCLA SNF Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture and the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University. This grant will support a collaborative, three-year pilot program to enhance academic mobility for faculty, staff, and students traveling between the two institutions and to bridge the geographical gap that divides academics and cultural producers in Greece and the West Coast of North America. The grant will also help both institutions expand on highly successful programming initiated in the last two years.

The pilot program offers opportunities for semester- and term-length residencies of authors, artists, and academics at the two institutions. Moreover, this innovative, collaboration-based, and capacity-building grant will bring faculty and students to Greece, where critical research tools, including languages and digital skills, will be imparted in the context of seminars and classes.

According to Sharon Gerstel, Director of the UCLA SNF Hellenic Center, “we welcome the opportunity to establish collaborations across two excellent universities, two communities, two cities, and two countries. This program will substantially strengthen partnerships on the West Coast of North America, and will establish new relationships with cultural agents and institutions in Greece. We are very grateful to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) for encouraging us to expand our Centers’ activities and influences in innovative and meaningful ways.”

Existing programming at both Centers will expand through enhanced collaborations with institutions in Greece. Considering Los Angeles and Vancouver’s roles as hubs for the arts, the program will engage Greek writers and performers in dialogue with academics, artistic foundations, film festivals, and communities in both cities. This new initiative will capitalize on existing yet diffuse and fragmented resources and relationships to mobilize academic, artistic, and cultural production networks that will inspire academic and lay communities. The program expands on existing innovative programming, including open discussions with Greek mayors of small cities, and conversations with contemporary Greek authors.

“We are thrilled to see two close SNF partners deepening their collaboration, exploring a model for how the international exchange of ideas and movement of people that are foundational to Hellenic culture can strengthen the field of Hellenic studies,” said SNF Co-Chief Programs Officer Casey Russo. “Sharing Greek culture around the world and sparking interest in Greece’s fascinating past and vibrant present have been a key focus for SNF from the very beginning. SFU and UCLA have excelled at engaging the public and advancing scholarship in this area through innovative and energetic new programs, and we’re so excited to see what comes out of this collaboration.”

According to Dimitris Krallis, Director of the SNF Centre at Simon Fraser University, “working on Greek culture and history in North America can sometimes feel like a lonely enterprise, as resources are often scarce and university priorities keep guiding faculty and student focus in other, often more pedestrian, directions. The present collaboration allows us to meet across borders and continents and create community, both within the university and beyond. We see our Centers and the enhanced West Coast axis, we are establishing, as venues and avenues through which Greek cultural and educational output may circulate as it seeks to leave its imprint on audiences outside Greece.”

For more information, contact Nikki Erinakis, Program Manager, UCLA SNF Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture, at

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About the UCLA SNF Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture
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