Word to World

Word to World: The essence of the UCLA College Division of Humanities.

As humanists, we recognize the immense power of language and writing, of images and iconography, to provide meaning and connection across the varied landscape of the human experience.

We believe that to study the humanities is to deeply explore the human condition and to traverse the long history of humanity.

We therefore have chosen “Word to World” as the guiding principle for the Humanities Division.

World to World …

… reflects our conviction that written and creative expression are not merely means of communication, but also bridges that connect today’s diverse peoples, communities and cultures and that offer entry to ancient worlds.

… acknowledges that storytelling in all of its forms is fundamental to humanity. Which is why the UCLA Division of Humanities provides students with the inspiration to share their own stories and the means to find purpose in the stories of others.

… demonstrates our commitment as scholars to foster the skills and traits that are essential for global citizenship in the 21st century. And our stance that in the age of the internet and artificial intelligence, thoughtful, nuanced and precise communication will become ever more crucial.

Finally, “Word to World” reinforces our belief in curiosity and imagination as forces that inspire creative solutions to the world’s most vexing problems. And our conviction that humanists are uniquely capable of envisioning frameworks for more just and inclusive societies, and of forging alliances among advocates and scholars from the sciences, law and medicine, education and the arts to bring those visions to life.