EPIC Remote Learning and Teaching Page

Published: March 25, 2020

by: Tegan Artho-Bentz

The Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms (EPIC) Program has created a remote learning and teaching page to help ensure that faculty and TAs have the resources to teach effectively during these changing times.

 The remote learning and teaching page features resources aimed to help all instructors transition their courses to remote teaching and provides links to relevant, continuously updating “living documents” about online learning and teaching support at UCLA. It also includes links on how to get direct help, including tutorials, online workshops, and appointments with experts from a range of centers/programs on campus. In addition, instructors may find the information on remote teaching guidelines and approved software helpful. To assist students, there are resources provided for setting up remote learning at home, including information on how to apply for Bruin Tech Fund Grants. Links to UCLA health and safety updates, and primary resources for campus information on COVID-19 and how it is impacting the community, are available as well.

 On EPIC’s home page, the “Quick Links” menu is set up to help instructors find the appropriate resources for assisting students in distress and supporting student wellness. The success of remote learning and teaching will depend on students’ health, mental health, access to technology, and access to a safe and distraction-free learning environment. The UCLA Red Folder is the campus-wide central resource for assisting students in distress and has guidelines for instructors on how to seek help for their students, such as the UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Lastly, the other link directs you to CEILS’ essential “Resources for Your Students” page, a compilation of programs and centers that support students. 

 EPIC’s purpose has always been to act as a resource hub for Humanities pedagogy. In order to ensure that faculty, TA’s and students are adequately equipped and prepared for remote learning, EPIC’s remote learning and teaching page will be edited frequently to reflect current campus news and new resources. For questions or help, please contact EPIC at epic@humnet.ucla.edu .