Keck Applicant Budget Guidelines

Research Budgets

  • Budgets may be prepared using a spreadsheet or word processing program
  • Please prepare budgets using the following general cost categories, and provide brief explanations for the calculations of the proposed costs:
    • Travel; please break down costs further to the categories below, and provide dates, destinations, etc:
      • Airfare
      • Lodging
      • Meals & Incidentals
      • Other travel-related costs
    • Consultant and Professional Services
    • Supplies and Materials
    • Other costs
  • All items listed must be reasonable and necessary to accomplish the proposed research
  • Be comprehensive. Include all anticipated expenses and do not artificially inflate or deflate your total request because you think it will make your application more likely to be funded.

Tips for Travel Budgets:

Do some research online when calculating your anticipated expenses, so that your budget can be as accurate as possible. You might check out following resources for budget line items:

  • Travel: Kayak,, city- or country-specific transportation services
  • Housing: Airbnb, Craigslist, hostels, student apartments
  • Food/living: travel guides, expat sites
  • Travel related expenses: government sites for visas, vaccinations, etc.
  • Research-related expenses: access to museums, copying fees at archives – check actual websites of these places.

Per Diem rates for domestic travel may be found here:

Per Diem rates for international travel may be found here:

Talk to another student (undergraduate and graduate students) who has traveled to or lived in your proposed destination already.