Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 | Time: 4:00pm - 5:30 pm | Location: Career Center

Hear from experienced staff in the arts field about different career opportunities in museums, arts education, arts non-profits, and more!


Linta Kunnathuparambil
Digital Art History Team|
Getty Research Institute

Linta Kunnathuparambil currently works as a metadata assistant in the Digital Art History team at the Getty Research Institute (GRI). She is also in her final semester of the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program at San José State University. Linta has her B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA along with a minor in Digital Humanities. She was introduced to the visual arts field while she was a Getty Marrow Undergraduate Intern at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Linta’s primary work experience is with museum and library digital collections, library circulation, library acquisitions, and mass digitization projects. She hopes to use her MLIS degree to advance her career in the museum and LIS field.

Michele Seipp
Cartoonist |
The Los Angeles Times

Michele Seipp is a comedic cartoonist, writer, and filmmaker whose comic strips and humorous, illustrated columns have been regularly published in the Los Angeles Times. She’s written, directed, performed in, and sold funny short films to the Independent Film Channel, Bravo, WE and DreamWorks/ Imagine’s Pop.Com. Stage work includes writing, performing, and directing sketch comedy and improvisation at The Groundlings, The HBO-Warner Bros. WorkSpace, The Comedy Central Stage, The Comedy Store, and The Ice House.
She also has a background strong in existential angst.

Alexandra Kaufman

Alexandra is currently a self-employed as a Consultant after serving as the Director of Culture and Human Resources at Brand Knew, a creative consultancy based in Century City that works with several consumer brands, television networks, NPOs, lifestyle brands and various startups. Since adolescence, she has been volunteering at soup kitchens, visiting with institutions that focus on the elderly, and taking every opportunity to travel the world. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in Art History in 2005, but after participating as a volunteer at a special ed program, she went on to teach special education and special needs professionally. In 2015, her career took a turn towards Human Resources, where she delved into the importance of the cultural paradigm within the corporate workplace. She believes that learning about and understanding the motives and behaviors of management and employee are vital to both corporate and individual wellness and success. She is interested to know what inspires, energizes, and drives each individual, and how those factors can nourish the collective as a whole. Over the years as an educator, she has grasped the valuable lesson of learning from every person and experience. Alexandra joined Brand Knew because she deeply resonated with the founders’ sentiments that each and every employee is as integral as their creativity.


Amorette Muzingo
Program Coordinator |
UCLA Visual and Performing Arts Education Program

Amorette is an arts educator, visual artist, and administrator native to Los Angeles. With a foundation of critical visual literacy and influences of art therapy, Amorette has developed and implemented multiple visual arts-based curricula focusing on a social justice praxis in various educational and museum settings throughout California. Her photographic, written, painted, and assemblage work deals with themes of loss, relationships, and the subjective experience in lived spaces. She has had her work on display in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Amorette received a Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude from UCLA with a major in Art History and a minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education (VAPAE), where she currently serves as Program Coordinator.