Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019 | Time: 04:00pm - 05:30pm | Location: Career Center, Conference Room A/B

North campus major interested in tech? Come meet a panel of experts who use their BAs in innovative and tech-related ways.




Angie Howard
UCLA B.A, Linguistics
Computational Linguist | SoundHound

Angie Howard is a Computational Linguist at SoundHound. She has an M.A. in  Computational Linguistics from San José State University and a B.A. in Linguistics with a minor in German from UCLA. During her undergraduate career she studied abroad in Ghana and Barbados where she did field work with pidgins and creoles. Now at SoundHound she works on multiple components of automatic speech recognition, such as automatic speech recognition diagnostics and language models.

Barry Blumberg
UCLA B.A., English 
Chief Content Officer | Mammoth Media
Alexandra Kaufman
UCLA B.A, Art History
Director, Culture & Human Resources | Brand Knew

Alexandra is the Director of Culture and Human Resources at Brand Knew, a creative consultancy based in Century City that works with several consumer brands, television networks, NPOs, lifestyle brands and various startups. Since adolescence, she has been volunteering at soup kitchens, visiting with institutions that focus on the elderly, and taking every opportunity to travel the world. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in Art History in 2005, but after participating as a volunteer at a special ed program, she went on to teach special education and special needs professionally. In 2015, her career took a turn towards Human Resources, where she delved into the importance of the cultural paradigm within the corporate workplace. She believes that learning about and understanding the motives and behaviors of management and employee are vital to both corporate and individual wellness and success. She is interested to know what inspires, energizes, and drives each individual, and how those factors can nourish the collective as a whole. Over the years as an educator, she has grasped the valuable lesson of learning from every person and experience. Alexandra joined Brand Knew because she deeply resonated with the founders’ sentiments that each and every employee is as integral as their creativity.

Ali Haeri
UCLA B.A, English
Senior Director, Product Marketing | Steelhouse

Ali Haeri is senior director of product marketing at SteelHouse, an advertising technology company based out of Los Angeles, California. Haeri is also an instructor at UCLA Extension, teaching marketing and advertising courses in the Business & Management certification program. Previously, Haeri served as principal product designer at Symantec working on the Norton Security line of consumer software. Prior to Symantec, Haeri oversaw digital marketing for the Digital Media Services division of Verizon. Outside of his marketing career, Haeri serves as chair of the Los Angeles County Community Action Board, an oversight commission part of the Department of Public Social Services. Haeri is a graduate of UCLA with a BS in English and Northwestern with an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Brendon Ayanbadejo
UCLA B.A,  History
Managing Partner | Orange Fitness Theory