Mission Statement

The Humanities Career Panel Series (HCPS) aims to help UCLA students translate their knowledge into successful careers. Designed specifically for students majoring and minoring in the Humanities, but open to all students, HCPS provides students with the necessary tools to be competitive in today’s job market and gives them the opportunity to connect with professionals in their target career field (business, education, technology, law, government, non-profit, etcetera).

Each academic year the series will host a number of workshops, panels, discussions, and networking events during which time students can meet employers in a casual setting. Students will learn about the various types of careers they can find in different industries and how they can market the skills they’ve learned in their UCLA Humanities courses (analytical, writing, problem solving, and foreign language) to employers. Collectively, these events will help prepare students to enter the job market as they near the conclusion of their studies at UCLA.

Meet The Committee

  • A photo of Steph Bundy
    Steph Bundy
    Undergraduate Advisor / Graduate Assistant
  • A photo of Tiffany Chen
    Tiffany Chen
    Student Affairs Officer
    Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
  • A photo of Headshot deanna
    Deanna Finlay
    Student Affairs Officer
    Slavic, East European & Eurasian Languages & Cultures
  • A photo of simbi
    Simbi Mahlanza
    Student Affairs Officer
  • A photo of lauren
    Lauren Schneider
    Associate Director of Development, Humanities
    Division of Humanities
  • A photo of Holly Seely
    Holly Seely
    Student Affairs Officer
    Comparative Literature and LGBTQ Studies
  • A photo of Eboni shaw
    Eboni Shaw
    Manager and Student Affairs Officer
    African American Studies
  • A photo of barbara1
    Barbara Van Nostrand
    Executive Director of Academic Programs and Student Affairs
    Division of Humanities
  • A photo of 20211009_162459
    Armine Kulikyan
    Career services educator
    Career Center