Los Angeles Review of Books Publishing Workshop Graduate Student Scholarships with UCLA

The Los Angeles Review of Books is now accepting applications for the 2020 LARB Publishing Workshop. This year UCLA Humanities will be hosting two graduate students to attend this exciting workshop. If selected by LARB, two students will receive tuition expenses for the publishing workshop paid from UCLA Humanities and LARB, along with a stipend of $2,000 for the month of July 2020 from UCLA Humanities.

For UCLA Humanities graduate students selected to attend, the participants will bring their knowledge back to the UCLA campus, and partner with the Career Center, Humanities Division, and LARB to present a workshop on any aspect of the publishing industry for current UCLA graduate students.

This 2020 LARB Publishing Workshop is an intensive, three-week summer course on book, magazine, and online publishing held on the Emerson College in LA from Sunday, July 5–Friday, July 24, 2020. Through lectures, seminars, and practical instruction, participants learn the foundations of print and online editing and production; gain insight into the financial and business side of publishing; and connect with over 60 industry leaders from across the country working in all areas of traditional and new media publishing.

For too long, publishing has been inaccessible to all but a small segment of the population—moneyed, connected, New York-centric—and the result has been a lack of diversity at every level of the profession. The LARB Publishing Workshop aims to transform the industry from the ground up through its commitments to recruiting students underrepresented in the publishing industry; to prioritizing student financial aid; and to celebrating independent presses, outlets, and platforms throughout the country that are changing the face of publishing today.

Applications for the 2020 Publishing Workshop Deadlines:



Apply at thepublishingworkshop.com.

Please direct any questions to Irene Yoon, LARB Publishing Workshop Director, at irene@lareviewofbooks.org.

UCLA Humanities graduate students selected to receive a scholarship will be contacted by Director of Student Affairs and Initiatives, Barbara Van Nostrand: bvannost@humnet.ucla.edu