General Student Information

Eligibility to Participate in Humanities I or II:


Students have to declare their degree expected term in one of the approved Humanities majors for no later than summer 2018 or by the end of fall 2018.

*Please note that for fall 2018 candidates, students need to do a Special Inclusion Petition with the College of Letters and Science.  Please complete petition on to participate in the Humanities commencement ceremonies.  It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that these requirements are met.

Student Regalia Ordering: Students must wear regalia to take part in Humanities I or II. Students should order regalia through Graduation Etc. It is recommended that a student order their regalia by the beginning of April  2017, which can be purchased through the UCLA store.

Humanities I and II Ticketing:

  1. Students can order tickets from Friday, April 26, 4:00 p.m. – Friday, May 18, Midnight via;
  2. HUM I and HUM II participating students are eligible for 4 free tickets.  Additionally, students have the possibility of up to 4 waitlist tickets at $12/each.
  3. Waitlist tickets are NOT guaranteed.
  4. If students have any issues with ticketing for Hum I and II, please contact, Barbara Van Nostrand:
  5. After Friday May 18th, No ticket orders are guarantee. After deadline ticket requests will not available for request until May 23rd, 32018

Department Reception: Please contact your department undergraduate Student Affairs Officer for details about any further department receptions associated with commencement.

For the UCLA College ceremonies, please contact