General Student Information

Eligibility to Participate in Humanities I or II:


Students have to declare their degree expected term in one of the approved Humanities majors  and minors by the end of fall 2023 and no later then Summer 2024.

*Please note that for fall 2024 candidates, students need to do a Special Inclusion Petition with the College of Letters and Science.  Please complete petition on to participate in the Humanities commencement ceremonies.  It is a student’s responsibility to ensure that these requirements are met.

Student Regalia Ordering: Students must wear regalia to take part in Humanities I or II. Students should order regalia through Graduation Etc. It is recommended that a student order their regalia by the beginning of April 2024, which can be purchased through the UCLA store.

Humanities I and II Ticketing:

  1. Students ticketing window is TBD via;
  2. HUM I and HUM II participating students are eligible for 4 free tickets.  Additionally, students have the possibility of up to 4 waitlist tickets at $20/each. Guest tickets are required for the Royce Hall venue and will need to be scanned at entry.
  3. Waitlist tickets are NOT guaranteed, but if given to students, you will be charged directly.
  4. Graduating students do not need a ticket to enter the ceremony, your regalia is your ticket into the ceremony.
  5. If students have any issues with ticketing for Hum I and II, please contact, Barbara Van Nostrand:
  6. After deadline, no ticket orders are guaranteed. After deadline ticket requests on this website following the close of ticketing orders and will follow first come, first serve.

Department Reception: Please contact your department undergraduate Student Affairs Officer for details about any further department receptions associated with commencement.

For the UCLA College ceremonies, please contact