What are the UCLA Humanities Editor-in-Residence program's objectives?

  1. Offer an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to gain familiarity and practical insights into the academic book proposal process, a foundational skill that is vital to a successful academic career.
  2. Provide graduate students and faculty an opportunity to receive direct and practical feedback from an editor on a potential book proposal and pitch, thus providing tools for academics in the Humanities for increasing career path success.
  3. Offer an opportunity to pitch a book to a major University Press editor in a one-on-one meeting.
  4. Show a clear pathway from dissertation to book.
  5. Facilitate a framework for building and maintaining professional networking between University Press editors and Humanities faculty and students around research, writing, and publishing.
  6. Build connections and create a sense of community within the Humanities division.
As a faculty, how can I get involved and ensure that Department interests are served?
To ensure that departments are served in the strongest way possible, we invite colleagues to offer input presses and editors. Additionally, if anybody wishes to serve on the small committee that reads and recommends proposals for individual pitching meetings, please send a note to Barbara van Nostrand (bvannost@humnet.ucla.edu).

Who is eligible to propose an individual meeting with the editor-in-residence?

Division of Humanities graduate students (who have ATCed and completed three dissertation chapters), Division of Humanities faculty and lecturers, and Division of Humanities graduate student alumni (local to the Los Angeles area).

How can I take part in this program if I am not a Humanities student, faculty or alumni?
We encourage the UCLA community and public to attend the talk given by each fellow on the academic book publication process. Please see the main page for upcoming events.