An integral part of the Editor in Residence program is the opportunity for assistant professors, adjuncts and lecturers, postdocs, and advanced graduate students to get direct feedback on a book project or pitch and to have one-on-one time with the Editor.

May 6, 2024: Workshop with Medaya Ocher,  Editor- in – Chief, Los Angeles Review of Books

Deadline to Apply with a Pitch: April 29, 2024

Application Guidelines and Requirements:

Ocher will be using some of the submitted pitches to structure the workshop for all attendees, and applicants who submit a pitch will have an opportunity to schedule a 1-1 with Ocher during the office hours following the workshop.

Requirements: confirmation of applicant attendance to the workshop, and must complete post meeting questionnaires. 

Please submit the following Google form, which will include attachments of the below:

  1. Brief story pitch (max 200 words). This can include any of the following: book review, hard news journalism, a feature article, or an op-ed. Please review LARB Pitch Guidelines
  2. CV – abridged version (max 1 page)

Questions: please reach out to Barbara Van Nostrand;