Do toddlers and newborns need tickets for Royce Hall as well?

Everyone needs a ticket. This is so they have accurate numbers of who is in the building in case of a disaster and because patrons with babies usually use a second seat for baby items so it is helpful for them to have that extra seat.

Do students graduating need tickets?

No. They need to RSVP for the event on even if they are not ordering tickets.

When will waitlist tickets be released?

The Division Commencement Coordinator will assess after ticketing ends for students on May 15th and will let the students via soon after that if waitlist tickets will be released. An email from your department SAO will inform you of waitlist tickets being released.

If my family need assistance due to an elderly relative, who can help me?
Please see the following resource: Royce Hall or the staff for Humanities are unable to assist.

Can I walk in Humanities I or II if I am not a major in those departments?
No, due to limited capacity in the venue, we cannot accommodate any student who is not a declared major in Humanities I and/or Humanities II.

I got tickets for the wrong Humanities ceremony, what do I do?
Please contact the Division’s Commencement Coordinator who can help fix this for you (if seats are available)

I forgot to RSVP for the ceremony by the deadline, can I still attend?
Please contact the Division Commencement Coordinator, Barbara Van Nostrand at who will assess if there is space available in the ceremony.

How long is the ceremony?

Each ceremony will last no longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes, but hopefully 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I am a minor in the Humanities departments associated with Humanities I and II, can I attend?

No, minors associated with the department in Humanities I and II will NOT be allowed to partake in the ceremonies.