“The Editor in Residence program really opened doors for me, helped me to expand my network, and gave me confidence in my then-budding book project. Perhaps most importantly, participating in the EIR program allowed me to meet with an editor at Oxford University Press who passed my proposal on to another editor at OUP whose enthusiasm for my project led to a book contract! Looking back on it, the EIR program pushed me into a new, successful stage in my career in which I was offered a tenure-track position at a leading institution and a book contract with a leading academic publisher. I can’t say enough about how invaluable the Editor in Residence experience was for me.”

—Jill Rogers, “Lecturer in Musicology, University College Cork.”


“As with the EIR program in general, it [lunch with Wissoker] set a very different and uniquely conducive tone for the exchange. One of the unexpected rewards of our meeting was that when I referred to my new introduction that I happened to be carrying around, Ken [Wissoker] asked if he could glance at it. He began reading it with enthusiasm and asked to keep a copy as it was the sort of thing he actively enjoys reading. We have been in touch sense and Ken since over email and he has reiterated his excitement about my project as well as the fact that he was “totally impressed with [my] introduction and the way [I] make the stakes clear right from the opening.”

— Carrie Hyde Assistant Professor of English, University of California, Los Angeles


Selected Photos from Editor in Residence Public Talks: